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Amazing Free Porn Sites

I know I wrote a few days ago to you guys about how you can use StumbleUpon to search for new porn. Well, you’re invited to my personal StumbleUpon account. Check it out if you want.

Also, I wanted to point out this one site I found on SU that really caught my eye. It’s the BIG LIST OF PORN. This site will guide you through the best porn sites out there. Check it out at 

Who’s your favorite pornstar?

Hey guys! In the comments, leave the name of your favorite porn star. She could be nominated for the Most Popular Porn Star Awards! 

If you can, try to include a pic and a few links, as well as a small bio about her. 

Please! Most Importantly: Link to her social media page: twitter, facebook, etc. MUST HAVE SITE-APPROVED OFFICIAL STICKER BY HER NAME. If you can’t find this, that’s okay, but try to look for her social media. (Twitter is highly recommended.)

Let the Voting begin!

A little story I wrote…

One night i am getting ready for my shower, rather horny, getting undressed, starting to feel myself up. i am now fully undressed, except for my thong, which is soaking wet from my pussy juices. the g-string is stuck deep into my ass, and i pull my panties to the side and bend over for myself, bringing down my long, blonde hair. i stick my finger in my little cunt hole and attempt to spank myself. Just then, I hear a man’s voice. a very soothing, very fuckable voice. i look over my shoulder with a stunning facial expression like a roaring lion about to suck on some cock. it was my boyfriend. he smiled and then said ‘no, i’ll do it. i’ll make sure to slap it really hard, just for you.’ and he proceeded to slap my ass. i ended up sucking on his cock. i started off slowly, and worked my way up to being very wet, fast, wild, and even deep-throating him. i cupped his balls in my mouth and then tickled them and massaged them gently. i was in love with the head. i sucked the ass out of it. i sucked on his long shaft until he came for me, but that wasn’t the only time that night. he lay me down, thong still on, in between his legs, boner and all, on the pine-wooden floor, halfway between the bathroom and the bedroom. he tickled my clitty real nice, and as he take my thong and massage my clit with it, i feel myself begin to moan. he then flips my body over gently, and i am on my knees and palms as he undresses the thong off my body. he sticks his fingers in my asshole and beings to finger me from behind. i decide now to get up and sit on his growing cock, as my pussy was thirsty and ready. i slid down onto him, with my titties in his face, riding him on the floor. we stopped only after a couple of minutes, and we made our way over to the bedroom. i sucked his cock one last time. he sat in my chair, my light, but sturdy, pink one with the silver legs, and i got on top of him again and rode him feeling like a sexy, slutty little cowgirl. i could feel his cock growing inside of me. his cock was so hard and rough inside my wet, juicy pussy hole. i loved it this way. i like it rough. i love to fuck rough. it was going so deep inside of me, i could feel it filled the whole outline of my camel toe. as i rode up and down and up and down on him, my hood slapped roughly onto his balls. he was still growing, his erection wasn’t even finished. i wanted to see how big he actually was. he was getting faster and faster and faster every second, tripling his speed every second. now i begin to moan. i start moaning quietly, and when he gets rougher i start moaning loudly, screaming and crying in pleasure. my nipples are so hard at this point that they stick out like perfect little pink pencil erasers. i start to squeeze them and tease them, but he sucks on them for me. i start to finger myself as i am being fucked. i soon begin to climax. i moan louder and louder and scream and cry and as he fucks me harder and faster, i squirt my pussy juices all over him. i bend over, on the wooden floor once again. as he sticks three fingers in my ass. he takes me over to the pool table, where i get fucked in the ass. i sit on top of the green felt, with my ass spread out against the edge of the table, fucking my pussy with a pool stick. he enters me from behind, and i begin to moan right away. He thrusts me onto his full 18 inches, jerking his dick around in my ass and pleasuring himself as he begins to cum. it feels so nice in my ass, i’ve been needing this all week. it’s been so stressful lately and it feels so good to finally relax. i close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of his rough cock in my asshole as i moan, and then begin to cum. he gets faster and harder on me until I do, but not stopping. He fucks and fucks and fucks me until he is ready, and when he is, he cums in my ass as I reach an orgey. I then get on my knees on the ground, and he stand up confidently in front of me. I grab a hold of his shaft and slowly begin to suck. I get faster and give him a very wet blowjob as i stroke him too. I massage his balls with my hands, and deepthroat his shaft. He finally cums. He cums all over my pretty face. And he cums in my mouth too. I swallow it, satisfied.

This story is property of its publisher.

Copyright: Sheila Fitzgerald 2012 ©


Stumble Upon for Pornography!

Hey everybody! So for those of you who have never heard of it before, Stumble Upon is this super-amazing website. It’s unique. With it, you can install a toolbar on your browser (one that you won’t regret- I PROMISE!) and every time you click “stumble” it takes you to a different website, somewhere randomly, out in cyberspace. 

Your stumbles, or sites that you come across while using the Stumble Upon browser button, are all based on your interests. YOU put in what YOU like, and you will find websites based on every interest. 

I recently discovered that Stumble Upon has a category for pornography. So I filtered by stumbled by interest and purely stumbled pornography. There is some amazing stuff I’ve come across with this feature- completely free porn… just because I joined Stumble Upon, for completely free.

I’d like to share one website with you today. This one is called Beeg. See an icon you like? Click on it, and there is a porn video waiting for you. Each and every one of these delicious icons hold a video behind it. But wait…scroll down to the bottom. There are 20+ pages of porn waiting for you! And with 400 Videos per page- that’s 8,000 free porn videos, and counting, waiting for you to jack off to it, or rather.. play with your wet pussy. Have fun!

Two Men & Me

I couldn’t believe it, but there I was, naked except my underwear, propped up against three thick down filled pillows watching two men take their clothes off. Bill, a co-worker, who I had wanted to fuck for some time, and Ken, his friend, who I had never seen. I lay there in a provocative position; my legs spread slightly, with one leg bent up, my breasts almost spilling out of my push up bra, and sucking gently on two fingers. 

The men stripped off their clothes, both ending up, by coincidence, with just their shirts on. I could see Bill’s cock head peeping out from the material, not quite fully erect. I had always wondered about Bill’s cock. I had watched him closely at work, hoping to see from the bulge in his suit pants if he had a package that was going to satisfy me. I had once seen him at a company picnic in shorts. From the stretch of his shorts I imagined that he’d be well endowed. If only I could get him into bed, I thought. Well now it was going to come true. 

 His friend Ken was a good-looking, tall, dark Italian. Whose muscular body thrilled me from the moment I saw him. I was anxious to see if his cock matched his good looks and tight body. 

 As the men undid the buttons of their shirts and slipped them over their shoulders I saw, for the first time, the cocks of the two men who were going to satisfy a deep-seated desire that had been burning in my mind and loins for years, to be serviced, satisfied and fucked by two men at once. 

 Bill was still not fully erect, but, even so, must have been eight inches. Ken, by the way, his penis stood straight up his stomach, was rock solid erect, and was about seven inches. Bill was uncircumcised and Ken had been cut. I smiled as each man stood, stark naked, showing me their manhood. Instinctively, my hand went between my legs, pulled aside my thong panties, spread my inner lips and started to rub myself. Bill took his hand and started to slowly stroke his cock, pulling back the foreskin, and sliding his hand up and down the length of his shaft. Immediately he got harder, growing to a full erection of nine inches. Bill followed suit and started to stroke his cock. I offered a look at my pussy, by pulling the fabric of my panties aside, spreading my inner lips, and pulsing my muscles, opening and closing my cunt hole. 

 As each man masturbated I got very wet. I had seen a man masturbate in front of me before, but to know that I was going to have both cocks inserted in me in just a short while sent chills down my spine and a trembling in my loins. I beckoned them over to me. Each man knelt on the king size bed and offered me their cocks. I took each of them in my hand and started to pump them, pulling them closer. I then could not resist putting Bill’s cock in my mouth and sucking him, stroking Ken at the same time. I sucked hard on Bill’s cock head, running my tongue around the rim of the swollen crown and taking his full nine inches down my throat. His intake of breath told me it had an effect. I then turned my attention to Ken. I felt the slippery precum on my tongue as I sucked his cock. As I sucked him I stroked his shaft and pulled on his balls. He arched his back so I could take more of him, He then grunted and started to fuck my mouth. I gripped his cock to stop such an aggressive action. I didn’t want him to cum too soon. 

 I lay back and just stroked my two men, admiring their manhood’s, now straining to shoot their cum. I want you both to fuck me, I said. I knelt up and took off my bra, releasing my ample 36c tits with thick red nipples, now stiff with sexual excitement. I took off my thong, leaving on my garter belt and stockings. I told Ken to lie on his back; I then straddled his waist facing up. I put my hand down between my legs, took his cock and guided it to my asshole. I wanted to feel Ken’s cock force its way into my ass, no lubrication. I held him tight as I pushed against the engorged crown of his cock, and felt him enter my ass. I cried out in pain but knew it wouldn’t last long, as my sphincter muscle allowed in him and my asshole opened to accept him. Bill watched this and took his cue. He lowered himself between my legs and entered my wet throbbing and eager cunt without any trouble, my female juices glistening as his thick, hard manhood disappeared into my hole. 

 Both men slowly began to fuck me. I could feel their shafts, fucking in perfect unison, faster and faster sliding up and down the membrane between my ass and cunt. It hurt and was ecstasy at the same time. I came quickly, my body contorted, writhed, as I lost control and orgasmed like never before. I wanted to be free of these two male monsters but they fucked on, realizing that their two strong bodies and muscular arms had engulfed me and I couldn’t get away. Bill started to thrust harder and harder into me. I could feel his balls slapping against my inner thighs, and felt the full, solid length of his cock, as he pulled out his cock head from my cunt only to plunge back into me, deep and hard. Ken now had my asshole open like a tunnel. Lifting his hips off the bed, he thrust deep into my ass, and my ass opened up like a flower in the morning sun to encourage his powerful fucking. 

 Suddenly Bill grunted and made a deep-throated roar, he pulled out and I saw his cum spurt from the slit in his cock. His cum shot forth onto my stomach and tits. The second spurt, which had more force, hit my face and I opened my mouth to suck up his cum. Ken suddenly stiffened, grunted a deep sensual animal noise, and I felt him cum in my ass. His body went into spasms; thighs tightened as his erupted twice more. Bill wasn’t quite finished, and coaxed out the last drops of cum by stroking his cock; he slid up my body offering his man juice to me. I put out my tongue and he shot one more load. I let it lay there for a moment on my tongue and then I did something I know men really like, I let his cum drip off my tongue onto my lips and down onto my chin. Ken was getting flaccid and had withdrawn from my ass. I looked back at him as he looked at my asshole, which was now just a round open hole the width of his cock. We can’t let you fall behind I said as I took his cock in my hand and started to masturbate him. He quickly got hard as I sucked on his balls, and giving him long, slow strokes. I started to pump him hard and fast. Using one hand, the other to roll his balls in my palm. I looked deep into his eyes, and could tell he was ready. I called Bill over, stopped abruptly and said, “You finish him off!” Bill looked bewildered but took his cue and started to jerk Ken off. I was fulfilling a dream? Fantasy? Of seeing a man make another man cum. Ken shot high in the air, his cum streaming everywhere, and as he did so I made myself cum with three fingers stuffing and fucking my cunthole. 

We lay there, spent but satisfied. I looked over at the two flaccid cocks, not quite believing my eyes. But soon the feeling in my ass and pussy told me that it was true I HAD been fucked by two men at the same time.

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